11am–4pm, 6:30pm–11pm

About Our Biryani

Richness in every bucket

The secret recipe from a very hand made & unique tasting flavor is available nowhere in the world but with RBB. We are proud about that.

Designed to have the best ambience too, we are located in Ruwi, Muscat. Prepared with selected fresh meat and fish, our biryani is acclaimed as the best with no comparison. Experience different and unique flavor each day.

Some other favorites are Neychor and Thengachor with our great side dish that will give you total satisfaction over a meal.

Our Royal Cafe also holds some surprises for you.  Starts from burger to variety of sandwiches, passion fruit juice, royal falooda and several combos. We have many varieties of fresh juices to quench your thirst in more ways than you ever imagine.

In short, RBB is a home away from home.

Our delivery wing is always ready to serve you better on time and we have partner with Talabat and Akeed too.

Royal Cafe

3729  Way, Muscat, Oman

Royal Bucket Biryani

3729  Way, Muscat, Oman